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Application range of stainless steel bearing material model

Stainless steel bearings on the material classification, we can be divided into a variety of different series. Different series have their own different characteristics, the scope of application is also a certain difference, so small make up to specific analysis of the stainless steel bearing material model difference.

At the time of making machine, if the effect of the corrosion resistance for the machine parts demand is high, so we can choose stainless steel bearings, material models including the 302 series and 304 series of these two series of stainless steel bearing has better corrosion resistance effect, so I choose these two models can be used to achieve better. However, with the development of various series of stainless steel bearings, the series has been upgraded. If we use this machine for some relatively more demanding operations, we can choose 316 series of stainless steel bearings. Because this series of stainless steel bearings is a new type of bearing development, it can meet our higher corrosion resistance requirements, and even can make some nuclear material processing equipment.

I chose 408 series stainless steel bearings, the effect of the corrosion resistance is weak, but some can be widely used in high temperature environment, so in different series of stainless steel bearing material models, they adapt to the environment is different, make different machines in selecting stainless steel bearings, have their own choice of direction. Also includes some other stainless steel bearings material model, with their own different choice of direction, not only from the quality of the corresponding distinction, in the price of different models of choice. In this way, more different groups of people can get corresponding satisfaction.



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