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Are stainless steel bearings suitable for wide use?

Generally, we can choose a lot of bearing materials when choosing bearings, including ordinary bearing, stainless steel bearing, ceramic bearing, etc. So which bearing has better effect, and is the stainless steel bearing suitable for extensive use?

If we want to try a product extensively, we should pay attention to the price of the product besides the quality guarantee. Therefore, when we study the stainless steel bearing material suitable for extensive use, we must understand what kind of treatment guarantee this material bearing has, and what kind of price standard it is in.

Stainless steel bearing material compared to other bearing material, can be widely used to actually, because it is compared to the ordinary bearing, has better corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, although cannot be compared with ceramic bearing area, but in the use of the effect is also reached a very high standard, and although it is relatively better than in the ordinary bearing, the price will be higher some, but also in a more standard range. So compared with the other two kinds of bearing materials, some ordinary machine manufacturers choose stainless steel bearing is the most appropriate. Because if we choose the lower price of plain bearing, although can save a lot of money but with the effect of teacher zhang has a big difference, but if we choose ceramic bearings price is quite high, you will need to spend a lot of money, and the development of some of the common machine is not so high quality needed.



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