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Can stainless steel bearings rust? Is it working properly?

Would generally if we produce the stainless steel bearing rust of doubt, he is in the bearing is not particularly understanding, because one of the biggest characteristics of the stainless steel bearing is its corrosion resistance performance, it has a strong corrosion resistant ability, so it is in the case of some wet may be rusty, so in this harsh environment can be normal use, among some of the common environment can achieve better use of the standard.

Especially stainless steel bearings, divided into the various series of models, the distinction between in different series, he existed for different qualities, we choose the corresponding series, is to choose the one aspect of relatively strong, if we want to face the problem of stainless steel bearing can rust, please, to carry out a relative proof, we must choose 302 or 304 type stainless steel bearings, the two types of bearing the main test is compared with other series of bearing has stronger performance of corrosion resistance, so it is definitely not in the case of some wet rusty, It will not corrode in some wet conditions.

Even in this corrosive environment, can be used normally, in some ordinary environment can be used for a longer time, with a longer service life, then we will not frequently change, will not affect the use of the whole machine effect. So in the use of stainless steel bearings, we do not have to worry about stainless steel bearings will rust. We only need to use the process, to avoid stainless steel bearings in an alkaline corrosion environment in order to better play its role. Let more machines choose stainless steel bearings.



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