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Ceramic Bearing 6005CE

Ceramic bearings have many advantages:

  1. High-speed bearing. Especially for mixed ceramic bearings, the higher speed can reach 450,000RPM, mainly used in the field of dental mobile phones and spindle. 2. High temperature ceramic bearing. The higher endurance temperature is 1200 degrees Celsius. 3. Corrosion protection. The material itself has corrosion resistance, can be used in strong acid, strong alkali, mineral, organic salt, seawater, such as: electroplating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment, etc. 4. Non-magnetic bearing: non-magnetic means no dust absorption, which can reduce bearing wear and reduce bearing noise in advance. Applications such as demagnetization devices, precision instruments. 5, electrical insulation bearing: because of high resistance, can avoid arc damage bearing, can be used for electronic equipment need insulation. 6. High vacuum bearing: due to the unique self-lubrication and oil-free characteristics of ceramic materials, ceramic bearings can overcome the lubricating oil problems in ultra-high vacuum, which can never be achieved by ordinary bearings.

Ceramic bearings are also used in a variety of industries because they have excellent properties and can withstand harsh environments that are difficult for metal and other materials to withstand. Ceramic bearings have all the characteristics required by other materials. Yangzhen bearing is also a leading manufacturer of ceramic bearings. Ceramic ball bearing material mainly USES Si3N4 ceramic. The density of Si3N4 is 40% that of ordinary bearing steel, but its hardness is 2-3 times that of bearing steel. Because of the high hardness of ceramic ball, it also directly improves wear resistance. The hardness and strength of ceramic bearings will not be reduced, and they have good stability under high temperature working conditions. The ceramic bearing has the characteristics of light weight and low density, which can achieve lightweight, high-speed, and can inhibit the increase of load and slip caused by centrifugal force when the ceramic bearing rotates at high speed. Ceramic materials have low dislocation, low fluidity and very high hardness, which reduces wear and gives ceramic bearings excellent wear resistance. All ceramic bearings are made of ceramic materials. Compared with ordinary bearings, all-ceramic bearings are more corrosion resistant and more rigid. Under high temperature environment, all ceramic bearings can run stably at 800-1000 degrees. Because of the insulation of all ceramic bearings, all ceramic bearings are used to reduce weight and increase speed in the automotive and electrical industries, and even in aerospace equipment.



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