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Plastic Bearing POM6005

POM what time is the characteristics of the main, is a larger rigidity, hardness is higher, even with the temperature is very low and its shock resistance is good, good elasticity, creep resistant performance is good, because of its own self lubrication, so the lubrication performance is good, and the traditional wear-resisting performance, and the inertia of material itself, so suit and food contact, it is important to note, but in the use of the bearing is not resistant to strong acid and strong oxidant, in the paint and adhesive, performance is poor

POM plastic bearings, PP plastic bearings, POM and PA material with good mechanical strength and wear resistance, suitable for making more precise plastic bearings, working temperature from 100 ℃ to 60 ℃ ~, high strength and smooth surface, basically there will be no tension, its good self-lubricating properties and low friction coefficient, on the basis of traditional advantage in keeping the plastic bearing, can be applied to precision and high speed running. Among them, POM plastic bearing is the most widely used one of all plastic bearings. Generally, POM or PA is adopted for inner and outer ball materials, and glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (grpa66-25) is adopted for cage. The ball bearings are glass, stainless steel or ceramic balls. They work well in alkaline environments but not in acid corrosive environments.

To sum up,POM plastic bearing is mainly used in food machinery and furniture industries, the scope of application is also relatively wide.



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