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Plastic bearing seat F205

At present, the development of foreign plastic bearing is very fast, the application range is wider. But the plastic bearing seat in our country is still in the beginning stage, in the raw material production, the product application aspect is quite deficient. According to incomplete statistics, in recent five years, the domestic general polycarbonate, polyformaldehyde, polyamide, thermoplastic resin, modified polyphenyl ether and other five engineering plastics and market demand has maintained a rapid growth of 30.3%, and China’s plastic bearing engineering plastics mainly rely on imports.


In recent years, engineering plastics have been widely used for its excellent properties. Engineering plastics have a broad application prospect in the bearing block. The plastic bearing block is being welcomed by more and more users.

Because the engineering plastic bearing base has excellent self-lubrication, wear-resisting, low friction and special anti-occlusion characteristics, it can work normally even in the case of poor lubrication conditions, so it is very ideal as a bearing material.

Plastic housing, the main raw material is PBT engineering plastics, PBT, injection before must be under the temperature of 110 ~ 120 ℃ drying about 3 hours, forming temperature is 250 ~ 270 ℃, mold temperature control in 50 ~ 75 ℃ advisable. As the material from the molten state once cooling, will immediately solidify crystallization, so its cooling time is short; If the temperature of the nozzle is not properly controlled (low), the flow channel (nozzle) is easy to be cooled and solidified, and the nozzle will be blocked. If the cylinder temperature over 275 ℃ or molten material stay longer than 30 minutes in the cylinder, easy cause decomposition of brittle materials. PBT injection needs to use a larger nozzle into the glue, not the use of hot flow system, mold exhaust to be good, it is appropriate to use “high speed, medium pressure, medium temperature” condition molding processing, fire material or add glass fiber PBT nozzle material is not recycled, when the machine needs to use PE or PP material cleaning material tube in time, so as to avoid carbonization.

Therefore, for the related plastic bearing enterprises, seize the market opportunities, the development of related plastic bearing products, its market prospects are very huge.

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