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Plastic housing FB206

Engineering plastic bearing housing FB206 series, bearing with the seat can carry on the simple effective automatic center adjustment to the installation error. The product range of bearing seat is very wide and rich, there are vertical seat, all kinds of flange seat, keyway seat, circular seat, etc., the material use has gray cast iron seat, ductile iron seat, steel stamping seat, stainless steel seat and plastic seat, etc.

So what are the characteristics and advantages of spherical bearing with seat?

The outer spherical bearing with seat is composed of outer spherical bearing and bearing seat. The bearing box is not needed to be designed when using. The size is small and the structure is simple. Second, simple and practical. The bearing seat is an integral structure with large bearing capacity and good rigidity. The bearing and the bearing seat can be exchanged, that is to say, the same bearing seat can be installed with different types of bearings. Similarly, the same type of bearing can choose from a variety of bearing types.

If the die temperature is too high, plastic bearings are recommended, it is very simple to make the appearance of the core early turtle crack, some bearings and even not more than 2000 times of turtle crack on a large area. Even the bearing seat in production because the temperature of the bearing seat is too high the mold core has changed color, through measurement and reach more than 400 degrees, such temperature is met with the release agent cold state is very simple turtle crack, produced goods are also simple deformation, plastic bearing seat, strain, sticky mold and other conditions. In the use of bearing cooling water can greatly reduce the use of mold release agent, so operators will not use the mold release agent to reduce the temperature of the bearing



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