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POM6008 plastic bearing

POM6008 plastic bearing material has good mechanical properties and good wear resistance, is suitable for the plastic to make the precision bearings, the material temperature is more widely used, can be sixty degrees below zero, it can also be a baidu above freezing, still can maintain at such temperatures and the strength of the surface smoothness, won’t appear any tension, POM plastic bearings self-lubrication and lower grinding, in the original plastic bearings, on the basis of the performance of also can have high precision and high operation.

Plastic bearings can not only be made into the shape of shaft sleeve, but also can be made into plastic linear bearings, but the premise is that the material made must be improved through self-lubrication to improve its comprehensive wear resistance; For example, the common csb-lin plastic linear bearing in the market is made of engineering plastics modified by lubricant and reinforced fiber, and its wear resistance is very excellent.



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