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S51105 Stainless Thrust Ball Bearing

Stainless steel thrust ball bearing is designed to withstand thrust load when running at high speed. It is composed of gasket ring with ball rolling groove. Because the ring is cushion shaped, thrust ball bearings are divided into two types: flat base cushion type and adjustable spherical cushion type. In addition, the bearing can bear axial load, but not radial load.

Stainless steel thrust ball bearing: stainless steel thrust ball bearing is composed of three parts: seat ring, shaft ring and steel ball retainer. The axle ring matched with the shaft and the seat ring matched with the shell.

The characteristics of

  1. There are unidirectional and bidirectional types
  2. In order to allow for installation errors, either unidirectional or bidirectional, you can choose spherical centering spherical cushion type or spherical seat ring type.
  3. High quality steel — ultra-clean steel that can extend bearing life up to 80%

High grease technology – NSK’s lubricant technology extends the life of greases and improves the performance of bearings

  1. High grade steel ball – quiet and smooth at high speed
  2. Using the ring in the selection, the installation error can be allowed.


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