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Specification table of stainless steel bearings

If we really want to know how a stainless steel bearing has the specifications of the classification of words, we can use stainless steel bearing its own knowledge, to go to, for example, a stainless steel bearing specification table of rules and regulations, then can give more people want to choose not gay stainless steel bearings, bring a detailed introduction.

Because now the wide use of stainless steel bearings, so in different machines have the figure of the stainless steel bearings, then developed a variety of different types and rules of stainless steel bearings, when choosing options will also be more, the effect is also more diversified, so the development of a stainless steel bearing specification table is very important, can more more do not know to choose which series of bearing, the choice of more help.

Below small make up to introduce stainless steel bearing specifications table among the more characteristic of a few series of stainless steel bearings. These include the series of stainless steel bearings with stronger high temperature resistance, the 408 series and the 309 series all have strong high temperature resistance, but not strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be applied to some machines with large temperature difference, and will not be affected by temperature. It also includes some stainless steel bearings with relatively low price, 409 series stainless steel bearings with relatively low price, so it is applicable to some ordinary machines. Of course, also includes a variety of different series of stainless steel bearings, they have their own different characteristics, so in the selection, we can refer to the relevant stainless steel bearings specification table to make the right choice.



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