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Stainless Rod End Bearing SSA12T/K

Stainless steel joint bearing is a kind of spherical sliding bearing, its sliding contact surface is an inner sphere and an outer sphere, can rotate and swing at any Angle when moving, it adopts a variety of special processing methods, such as surface phosphating, blasting, inlaying, spraying and so on. The joint bearing has the characteristics of large load capacity, anti – impact, anti – corrosion, anti – wear, self – centering and good lubrication.

The structure of stainless steel joint bearing is simpler than rolling bearing, which is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer sphere and an outer ring with an inner sphere. Articular bearings are generally used for low speed swing motion (angular motion), because the sliding surface is spherical, can also be in a certain range of angular tilt motion (namely, the movement of the center), when the supporting shaft and shaft shell hole are not concentric, still can work normally. Knuckle bearings can bear large loads. According to its different types and structures, it can bear radial load, axial load or combined load that exists simultaneously in radial and axial direction.

Because the outer sphere of the inner ring is inlaid with composite material, the bearing can produce self-lubrication in operation. Generally used for low speed swing motion, and low speed rotation, but also in a certain Angle range for tilt motion, when the supporting shaft and shaft shell hole are not concentric, still can work normally. Self-lubricating joint bearings are used in water conservancy, professional machinery and other industries.

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