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Common failure of stainless steel joint bearings

(I) when the heavy load luffing action of the door crane, the boom system announces a sharp scream sound, and the boom box vibrates and resonates with it. The noise was announced from the arm joint bearing by the company and the manufacturer’s technicians. After the initial analysis, we think that the sound is caused by the joint bearing smooth and defective dry wear.

(ii) cause analysis. Most of the causes of bearing damage in addition to poor smoothness, but also include the lack of bearing capacity overload and other external factors. For this reason, we analyze from the following aspects:

  1. Overload: through accounting, the maximum load borne by the joint bearing is about 1975kN, while the additional load of the bearing is only 10600KN. It can be concluded that the damage of the bearing has nothing to do with excessive load.

2, abnormal impact or not in place: the door crane began to use until the bearing damage process, the time is short, during which there is no element that may cause bearing damage, such as abnormal impact or long time not smooth, etc. It can be concluded that the elements are not accidental or not in place to form bearing damage;

Architecture: this system divides the portal crane into three parts: boom system (big arm and elephant nose), herringbone system, and rotary big bearing, which are replaced and smooth (each part has two main pipes). This joint bearing is the hinge point connecting the gantry crane’s upper arm with the elephant nose, and in parallel with other hinge points (roller type) of the boom system on two oil pipelines of the boom system.

Operation principle: when the centralized smooth oil pump pumps oil to the boom system, it pumps oil to each point on one side of the two main pipes of the boom one by one according to the second, until all the double-line distributor (oil filling valve) moves in place. At the same time, when the pressure in the pipeline rises and exceeds 5kg of the other main pipe, the differential pressure switch action of the two main pipe heads will be activated, and the control system will actively disconnect this road and transfer it to the other main pipe to pump oil, until all the actions of the double-line distributor at each parallel oil injection point in this road are stopped. When the pressure of the pipeline rises to 5 kg, the pressure difference between the two pipelines will turn back to the first line and complete a cycle. The operation cycle stops until it reaches the operating time set by the smooth system.

From the two aspects of bearing damage and smooth system operation principle, it can be concluded that the primary reason is the formation of smooth defects.



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