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Stainless steel adjustable ball bearing S1208

Stainless steel self-aligning ball bearing is two raceway inner ring and raceway is spherical outer ring, equipped with spherical ball bearings.

The center of curvature of the outer ring raceway is consistent with the center of the bearing, so it has the same function of self-aligning ball bearing. In case of deflection of shaft and housing, it can be automatically adjusted without increasing bearing burden. Self-aligning roller bearings can bear radial loads and axial loads in two directions. Large radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load, impact load. Inner ring inner diameter is taper hole bearing, can be installed directly. Or use a tight set sleeve, remove the tube installed on the cylindrical shaft. The cage is made of steel plate stamping cage, polyamide forming cage and copper alloy rolling cage.

Self-aligning ball bearings have two kinds of structures: cylindrical and conical holes, and retainers are made of steel plate and synthetic resin. It is characterized by spherical outer ring raceway and automatic centering, which can compensate for the errors caused by different concentricity and shaft deflection, but the relative inclination of inner and outer rings shall not exceed 3 degrees.

It can bear large radial load and certain axial load. The raceway of the outer ring of this kind of bearing is spherical, so it has the ability of centering. When the shaft is bent or inclined, the center line of the inner ring and the center line of the outer ring are not more than 1° ~ 2.5°, the bearing can still work.

The inner bore of the self-aligning ball bearing is cylindrical and conical. The taper of the conical inner hole is 1:1 2 or 1:30. In order to enhance the lubrication performance of the bearing, the annular oil groove and three oil holes are processed on the outer ring of the bearing.

Product features

It can bear radial load and smaller axial load. The axial displacement of the shaft (shell) is limited within the clearance limit, with automatic centering performance, which allows the inner and outer parts to work normally under the condition of relatively small inclination. It is suitable for the parts where the supporting seat hole cannot ensure the coaxiality strictly.

Structure form

Proper amount of grease has been filled into the adjustable ball bearing with dustproof cover and sealing ring during assembly. It shall not be heated or cleaned before installation. It shall not be lubricated during use. Main application of self-aligning ball bearing: it is suitable for precision instrument, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle and general machinery, etc. It is the most widely used kind of bearing in mechanical industry



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