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Stainless steel angular contact ball bearing S7205AC

Stainless steel angular contact ball bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads. Can work at a higher speed. The higher the contact Angle, the higher the axial bearing capacity. High – precision and high – speed bearings usually have a 15 – degree contact Angle. Under axial force, the contact Angle will increase. Angular contact ball bearings have single row angular contact ball bearings and double row angular contact ball bearings. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear axial loads in one direction. When bearing radial loads, additional axial forces will be caused and corresponding reverse loads must be applied. Therefore, such bearings are generally used in pairs. Double row angular contact ball bearing can bear larger radial and axial combined loads and torque loads, which are mainly radial loads. It can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or shell, and the contact Angle is 30 degrees.


  1. Bearings with general assembly

General assembly bearings are specially machined so that when the bearings are mounted close to each other, any combination can achieve a given internal clearance or preloading and an average load distribution without the need for gaskets or similar devices. Paired bearings are used when the load carrying capacity of a single bearing is insufficient (use channeling) or when combined loads or axial loads acting in both directions (use back-to-back or face-to-face).

  1. Bearings of basic design (cannot be used as general assembly) are used for the configuration of individual bearings

The basic design of single row angular contact ball bearings is mainly applied in each position with only one bearing configuration. Its width and protrusion are common grade tolerances. Therefore, it is not suitable to install two single row angular contact ball bearings close to each other.



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