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Stainless steel bearing units SUC208

Stainless steel bearing housing is an industrial part, with automatic center adjustment, repeated lubrication, good dustproof seal, easy installation and disassembly, and other advantages, achieving high strength and high precision. Can be used in easy corrosion, strong corrosion of various products, widely used.

The judge method of stainless steel bearing seat:

  1. No official brand name or code name; 2, the rolling can not reach the requirements, the surface roughness can not meet the requirements, very rough; 3, the hardness is not low, with the file can significantly rub, two bearing collision has obvious traces; 4. The print model and factory standard are not clear and non-standard, and the two end surfaces are uneven and rough; 5, the installation quality is poor, use the hand to shake, the gap is obviously out of order, chamfering of the inner and outer ring of the same specification is not specification. Inside the outer ring, the outer ring is covered with black paint.


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