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Stainless steel bearing units SUC208

  1. Insert ball bearing unit can work under the condition of the two bearing coaxial, * automatically adjust Angle can reach 2 °.
  2. Outer spherical bearing with seat has good rotation accuracy; It can be easily re-lubricated. The clearance is larger than the same size deep groove ball bearing, so the temperature difference has little effect on its accuracy.
  3. For the inner diameter of the spherical bearing with seat, the “+” tolerance is adopted to form a clearance fit with the shaft. The bearing is fixed on the shaft through the top wire of the inner ring, the eccentric sleeve or the fixing sleeve, which reduces the precision requirement for the shaft and is extremely convenient to install or replace the bearing.

4.Outer spherical bearing with seat is composed of outer spherical bearing and bearing seat. In use, there is no need to design the bearing box, small size, simple structure, can be directly bolted on the design of the host, easy to use.

5.Generally, the outer spherical bearing with seat is pre-filled with grease, which adopts double-layer or three-lip sealing form. It is suitable for use in dust, muddy water and corrosive media, which is beneficial to the work of the main engine.

6.Bearing pedestal is an integral structure with large bearing capacity and good rigidity. Bearing and bearing pedestal can be interchangeable, that is, the same bearing pedestal can install various types of bearing; Similarly, the same bearing can be matched with various types of bearing base.



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