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Stainless steel bearing units SUCP205

Spherical bearing with seat is a bearing unit which combines rolling bearing and bearing seat. Most of the rolling bearings are made of the outer diameter of the outer ring of the bearing center into a sphere, which is installed together with the bearing seat with spherical inner hole.

At the same time, this kind of bearing also has certain centrality in the design, easy to install, with double structure sealing device, can work in harsh environment. The bearing block is usually cast. Commonly used seat has casting vertical seat (P), casting square seat (F), casting boss square seat (FS), casting boss circular seat (FC), casting diamond seat (FL), casting ring seat (C), casting slider seat (T). There are two common types of bearings:

L outer spherical UC bearing with set screw;

2 outer spherical UK type bearing with tapered hole;

Outer spherical bearing with seat is divided into bearing center and bearing seat. It is called bearing center plus bearing seat. For example, outer spherical bearing UC205 with set screw and cast vertical seat is called UCP205. Because of the high interchangeability of spherical bearing with seat, the bearing center can be assembled in different shapes of the same specification.

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