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Stainless steel bearing units SUCPA206

Bearing seat is used to support the bearing, fixed bearing outer ring, just let the inner ring rotation, the outer ring remains motionless, always in line with the direction of transmission (such as motor running direction), and maintain balance; , the concept of the bearing seat is the combination of the bearing and the box body, so as to facilitate the application, so that there can be a better fit, more convenient use, reduce the cost of using the manufacturer

Repair process:

  1. Surface treatment, will need to repair the surface of the bearing seat to remove oil and moisture;
  2. Harmonic repair materials;
  3. Daub the material evenly on the repair part of the bearing base to fill it firmly;
  4. After waiting for the material to solidify, the surface of the material can be heated appropriately to accelerate the material to solidify.

General bearing chamber wear can be repaired in 3-6 hours, easy to learn, no special equipment and special training, compared with laser welding, cold welding and other technologies to save time and effort, the cost is only 1/5-1/10 of the general repair cost, on-site repair is reduced equipment maintenance time and transportation costs

Data of stainless steel bearing base



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