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Stainless steel miniature bearing S606ZZ

Stainless steel miniature bearings refer to metric series with outer diameter less than 9mm; Inch series bearings with outer diameter less than 9.525mm! The main materials are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastics, ceramics, etc., among which the minimum inner diameter can be 0.6mm, and most of the inner diameter is 1mm. In ultra small aperture in the miniature bearing, miniature deep groove ball bearing type has the metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, etc., inch on a total of 6 R series, based on this, also can be divided into with ZZ steel dust cover bearing series, rubber sealing ring with RS miniature bearing series, teflon bearings seals series and flanged penal series and so on.

Miniature stainless steel bearing is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor of high speed low noise field, such as: office equipment, micro motor, instrument, laser engraving, small clock, soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, drive motor, stepping motor, VCR magnetic drum, toy models, computer cooling fan, paper, fax machine, and so on related areas.

About 40% of ball microbearings failure is due to dust, dirt, debris contamination and corrosion. Pollution is usually caused by improper use and poor operating conditions. It can also cause torque and noise problems. Microbearing failures caused by environmental and pollution are preventable and can be determined by simple visual observation. Erosion of microbearings can be easily avoided if they are properly used and installed. Denudation is characterized by indentation on the miniature bearing ring raceway caused by impact loads or incorrect mounting. Denudation usually occurs when the load exceeds the yield limit of the material. Erosion can also occur if a load is installed incorrectly so that it crosses the miniature bearing ring. Pressure pits on the miniature bearing rings also generate noise, vibration and additional torque.



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