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stainless steel thrust ball bearing S51202

There are two key points of stainless steel thrust ball bearing assembly. The other is the control of nominal height T after bearing assembly. In addition, as the shaft ring, seat ring can be separated, resulting in a management problem. Is to prevent the import of bearing parts mixed. The M – type ramming cage USES bent edge assembly die. After pressing, the steel ball is required to rotate flexibly in the hole of the pocket, but it is not allowed to fall off from the hole of the pocket. Physical retainer embossing too deep will make the ball less momentum, and the embossing bump and the retainer connection is too little and insufficient strength, easy to appear drop phenomenon, resulting in the cage scrapped. There is no obvious difference between the inner diameter of the small thrust ball bearing seat ring and the shaft ring. In order to prevent the occurrence of mixed phenomenon, that is, installed into a set of bearings found that both are the seat ring or shaft ring. This requires certain measures. In general, the draw ring and the seat group are distinguished with the aid of auxiliary tooling when they are combined, or the inner diameter plug gauge is used to check the inner diameter before sampling the nominal height. In order to check the inner diameter, the seat ring is placed below and the axle ring is placed above. If the inner diameter of the seat ring has obvious quenching, heating, oxidation color or does not go through grinding, then there is no need to test the inner diameter size, the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring can be clearly seen, and it is not easy to mix. After the assembly of thrust ball bearing, the nominal height T shall be measured to confirm whether it is qualified. When measuring, use the height block or standard parts to calibrate, and to measure the load, the bearing needs to rotate dozens of times, must reach the minimum height.


Model 440C stainless steel bearing 304 stainless steel bearing 316L stainless steel bearing

Bearing type stainless steel thrust ball bearing

15 mm diameter (d)

32 mm outside diameter (D)

(B) 12 mm wide

Material: 440C stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel

Magnetic small no no

Hardness 58HRC 30HRC 30HRC

Corrosion resistance



The better

Gap C0, C2, C3 can be selected



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