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Stainless steel with spherical bearings SUC209

The outer spherical ball bearing is actually a variation of the deep groove ball bearing. Its characteristic is that its outer ring outer diameter surface is spherical, which can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical bearing seat to play the role of centering. Although its basic performance with deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because of the bearing are mostly applied in mechanical rough, installation location is not accurate, the axis of the shaft with a hole to neutral, or under the condition of large axial length and deflection etc, and the bearing itself precision is not high, some structure is rough, so the performance of the actual performance comparison on the same specifications of the deep groove ball bearings to play quite a discount. For example: the outer spherical ball bearing with the top wire is applied to the shaft with large stiffness difference deflection, this kind of bearing with sealing ring on both sides, can strictly prevent the invasion of dirt, when the factory has been filled

Proper amount of lubricant, no need to clean before installation, no need to add lubricant, the screw on the protruding end of the inner ring of the bearing is tightened on the shaft. The allowable axial load shall not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load. The outer spherical ball bearing with eccentric sleeve has basically the same performance as the outer spherical bearing with top wire, except that the top wire is not on the inner ring, but on the eccentric sleeve. The inner bore of spherical ball bearing with tapered hole is tapered hole with 1:12 taper, which can be installed directly on the tapered shaft, or on the optical shaft without shaft shoulder with the help of tight fixing bushing, and the bearing clearance can be fine-tuned.

Spherical bearings are preferred for applications requiring simple equipment and components, such as agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.

It is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial loads which are mainly radial loads. Generally, it is not suitable to bear the axial loads alone. This kind of bearing can install the inner ring (with full set of rollers and retainers) and the outer ring respectively. The bearing is not allowed to tilt the shaft relative to the housing, and additional axial forces will be generated under radial load. The size of axial clearance has a great influence on the normal operation of the bearing. When the axial clearance is too small, the temperature rises higher. When the axial clearance is large, the bearing is easy to be damaged. Therefore, special attention should be paid to adjusting the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation, and pre-interference installation can be carried out if necessary to increase the rigidity of the bearing.

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