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Stainless Thrust Ball Bearing S51211

Stainless steel thrust ball bearings are separable bearings. It consists of a combination of a shaft collar, a seat collar and a ball and cage. It’s easy to install and disassemble. The collar that fits tightly with the shaft becomes the shaft collar, and the one that has clearance with the shaft is called the seat ring. Unidirectional thrust ball bearing can only bear unidirectional axial load, and can not bear any radial load. Because the radial movement between the shaft and the housing hole cannot be restricted, the limit speed is low. Premature bearing failure occurs when the axes of the shaft and the bearing housing hole do not coincide or the bearing supporting surface is not perpendicular to the axis. If this is the case, a thrust ball bearing with a spherical seat can be used to compensate for the angular error with the bearing box.

Stainless steel thrust ball bearings are divided into one-way thrust ball and two-way thrust ball. Both types of bearings can transfer large axial loads, but not radial loads. In addition to the structure with flat seat ring, thrust ball bearing with spherical seat ring and cushion structure.

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