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What are the characteristics of stainless steel bearing materials?

Compared with bearings of different materials, we need to know the characteristics of stainless steel bearing materials. Why do many manufacturers choose stainless steel bearing?

In fact, stainless steel bearings than ordinary bearings have more effect is that ordinary bearings in the use of the process, can not meet some of our special needs. Will in some harsh environment produce certain damage, because when some machines in use, he may be in a state of high temperature, also may be in a wet state, if we use the ordinary bearing, is easily affected by some environmental, but if use stainless steel bearings, he can in some of the high temperature circumstances will not be affected, and it also has the effect of strong corrosion resistance, there will be some in some harsh environment to external damage, so we don’t have to worry about some common problems of bearing, Stainless steel bearings can be easily solved. This fully explains the stainless steel bearing materials and ordinary bearings, with more special performance.

But if the stainless steel bearing material and ceramic bearing or bearing flexible material to compare, may also exist some shortcomings, because if it is in an alkaline corrosion environment, stainless steel bearings is extremely vulnerable to abuse, this time we can’t use this type of bearings, can be more choice some special bearing or the ordinary bearing. In this way, we can understand the characteristics of stainless steel bearing materials to understand what type of bearing we can choose when using and operating which machines, and what kind of bearing such a bearing is characterized by.



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