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What are the disadvantages of stainless steel bearings?

People in daily use of stainless steel bearings, in understanding the difference between this bearing and other bearings, most of the understanding is the advantages of stainless steel bearings, then what are the disadvantages of stainless steel bearings? When choosing bearings, which machine is not suitable for choosing stainless steel bearings?

First of all, we must have a comprehensive understanding of stainless steel bearings, that is, many machines in the market are mostly using stainless steel bearings, because it has a strong corrosion resistance effect, so in some of the harsh environment used in the machine, can also choose stainless steel bearings. Of course, there are also some other machines, which use stainless steel bearing for its high temperature resistance, so this kind of bearing in the process of use or bring the use of the effect. But in choosing a bearing part of the machine, is not suitable for stainless steel bearings, because stainless steel bearing one drawback is that it is not able to withstand corrosion of alkaline environment, so if our machines in such an environment to operate, choose stainless steel bearing will be damage. Seriously affect the use of the whole machine, this is one of the shortcomings of stainless steel bearings.

And stainless steel bearing relatively ordinary bearing price is higher than some of the, if we developed is a machine structure is simple, to the requirement of bearing is not particularly high, choose plain bearing can bring good using effect, so we don’t have to choose stainless steel bearing, which is relative to the some of the common machine, the price of stainless steel bearing is one of the stainless steel bearing faults.



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