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What is the code of stainless steel bearing?

Compared with different types of bearings, different effects will be produced in the use of, so in the development of different machines, there is a different range of choice. And we often use stainless steel bearings have good results, also suitable for a variety of different machines to choose. To this will be different types of bearing set different code, and what is the stainless steel bearing code? How can we distinguish different bearings by code name?

We should know that generally stainless steel bearings and other ordinary bearings, we will use the form of code, if the use of stainless steel bearings, generally front will have s or ss. But if we use ordinary bearings, there will be no such letters, so we can choose different materials of bearings, according to the code to distinguish.

General stainless steel bearing code to distinguish, mainly stainless steel bearings and apart from the rest of the bearing of different material, can also be different series of stainless steel bearing structure to a certain distinction, because different series of stainless steel bearings have different effect, we choose a different use of the machine parts, you can choose a more corresponding models play a better role. Some stainless steel bearing series, have the function of the stronger corrosion resistance, and some series of stainless steel bearing has better resistance to high temperature, the different characteristics to the or the distinction between high and low, so in the process of using a more targeted can meet the needs of some of the environment, you can better use effect, and we can not through some phenomena to distinguish, need only through the stainless steel bearing code can learn bearing the applicable scope of such a belief.



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